Remembering Chritmas Magic

Meandering down the highway on a brisk December day.  Limestone wall to the left, frost kissed fields to the right. The only sound is the tires on the pavement and the thoughts within my head.  A cool breeze blowing while the early morning sun blazed on the horizon.  

Tucked between two giant stone walls, just off the road, but hidden if you hurry, sat the home that Chritmas carols were written about.  Beautiful red brick, wreaths placed upon the windows with ribbons in the perfect place.  The porch had rockers, inviting you to visit.  

Somewhere in the time and space of life, the magic of Christmas has faded. The childlike joy and excitement have been traded for busy lives and bills. Holiday jingles are a reminder of needed gifts, miles to travel, memories expected to be made. 

More miles, more thoughts, tires rolling along the pavement of life.  The limestone is masculine and strong, hiding the world behind it.  Nooks, crannies and crevices, with trees standing majestically upon the top. The fields roll on for miles,  with snow resting quietly ontop. 

Wizard Wisdom 101


To Tom with love

I have never left you, always at your side, now I watch over you gently, as a loving guide.  Be at peace for I am near,  even though my voice you  cannot hear.  

I am the whisper in the night, the cool breeze by the fires light. I hold your heart instead of your hand, know that when you hear the band. 

Amy 1/16/18

Wizard Wisdom 101

Final Goodbye 

I went quietly while everyone was away, it was a peaceful exit that day. Time stood still for a moment, as I up lifted to leave. I looked around the room, thankful your weren’t here to grieve. 

Time is not ours to plan, enjoy every moment the best you can.  Never take a day for granted, every second counts.  Let go of all those fears, discard all your doubts.

My love will live forever, even though I have gone. You will feel me in a breeze and hear me in a song. 

My arms will wrap around you, even though you may not know. Tomorrow may not be promised, but forever is, as the Lord said so. 

Dry your tears, take my hand, we will meet again in the promised land. Find peace child, for he is with you..n the promised land.  Find peace child, for he is with you..

Wizard Wisdom 101

For Brianne

Waking The Kitten

As you have roused the kitten from its slumber, on the eve of the Christmas season, you may find this kitten is a raging lion.

With grace and poise I shall decline your game of cat and mouse this year.  I have not the time, nor will I surrender you my energy.  Awake and alert, ready and able, just not willing. 

Make your messes and leave a filthy trail as you always do.  Be mindful when playing in the kittens house, Santa just might leave a gift for the dirty lil mice too!!

Wizard Wisdom 101

My spirit and passion shall never be quieted, you may not hear it, for sometimes it roars in silence. 12/16/16

True Success 

When my kids come over I always watch, its a momma’s job.  Dustun’s eyes light up as he watches his son, reminding me of my greatest desire, since I was young.  As I watch Dyllan’s gypsy spirit take him where his heart leads, and I’m sure I’ve witnessed his soul smile, it reminds me to chase those crazy dreams, it’s what really keeps us alive.  Every morning I am rejuvenating by breakfast with Haile, it reminds me that in the big scheme of things, it’s the little things like breakfast with a princess that matter most.  At night when the day is about to close, Ashur is close to ensure his momma’s neck has been squeezed and technology has not beaten me.

All the while, there beside me, stood a rock. I leaned on him, I napped and wept on him, he held me up and kept me safe.  My rock is ever stable.

There was a time when I equated success with position, pay, and corporate respect.  I have taken a step back to view life from a different angle.  Today I thank God for the view through my kids eyes while sitting next to my rock.  I have found true success. 

Wizard Wisdom 101



When I look back over the timeline I call life and I see those times where I’ve stood feeling naked, helpless and totally alone.  I now know those are the times that I was graced with a new opportunity.   A rebirth of sorts, a chance to start over.  

I never desired to be heartbroken or to have to start my life over, not even once. That’s not how its written it the fairy tales.  That’s not what I dreamed of as a lil girl, or young lady.  

In my mind it was a simple plan.  A one shot harmony, that evolved into beauty and a life time of happiness.  Sure, I knew there would be bumps maybe even a road block or two – but I never dreamed there would be times it would feel like a mine field in a foreign country.

My momma always showed me to do what’s right, no matter what, just do what’s right.  That is not always the easy path – I promise.  I’ve tried to follow that.  It has caused some pain, tears and maybe a heartache.  You see  I believed everyone was taught the same.  It came as a shock to realize that there are a lot of people in this world that believe the world was created for them and them alone.  That in itself has be painful.  

As I look back at those hard times, from this side of the fence, I am thankful.  The grass is not always greener and sometimes it has taken a journey through the desert to touch any grass at all – I am still thankful.   

Today I am a very strong, independent woman.  I have been successful thus far in life.  All of my children make make proud and I have a husband that supports me unconditionally and spoils me rotten.    

If the journey had been easier and the road less rocky I might not be who I am today.  So thank you to those that have come and gone and to the few friends that has walked besides me for much of the journey.  Each of you hold a special place in my heart.  

One friend has not only walked beside me but knows my skeletons ny name. Her name and face are etched upon on my soul.  I would not have had the strength to cross some necessary fences if you would have loaned me some of yours –  thanks Nell.

Here’s to another day of being thankful.  Looking back with open eyes, and a greatful heart.  Reality is what it is, the good with the bad, only we can define who we will become from it.  I choose to be strong and take those lessons in stride!

Wizard Reality


Fairytale Life

When you grow up enough to realize that fairytales are just that, frogs never do turn into that handsome prince and at some point we are all Cinderella – before the ball. That’s when life becomes real.

We learn that fairytales are for young dreamy girls. Once a pig (I mean frog) always a pig (frog), and why would we ever think glass shoes would be a good idea?

I secretly dreamed, the same dream, that most young girls do – the handsome prince, the castle, beautiful flowing hair, a chariot that turns heads, even the beautiful shoes that would bring a kingdom to her knees….

And then I began to grow up. The babies came, as did the mortgage, and the electric bill. I watched as friends fluttered to the side and life happened.

I became disenchanted with reality, as I discovered that the plumber on tv was closer to reality than my Cinderella Story had ever been, except the plumber had a job. I found that the candy in the isle was more than the change in my pocket. My chariot was merely a bucket of broken bolts, and my best pumps were really slippers.

I accepted life on life’s terms. I accepted me, and I made a few changes. I look the trash out, I left those slippers and that bucket of broken bolts near the can as I closed the lid, and the chapter.

Once again, I found myself. This time more like a new born baby, feeling naked and alone. Upon deciding that my children were my kingdom, frogs were best left to sing in the mudd and heels were never really practical anyway. Here my friends is where my true journey began.

Life is an adventure, from birth to death. It is as good as you make it. We deserve anything we tolerate, and life WILL be shorter than we thought. These are a few realities that changed my world. When I accepted life on life’s terms and that I didn’t need a fairytale to be ok, I became ok.

I have loved, and I have lost. I have fought, and I have won. I have dreamed and I have conquered.

Today I know that my happiness is my responsibility. I know that a lot of people will never get it or me, like the Jeep thing, it’s a Callie thing. The real changes come when the reality of, its not about me anyway, sinks in.

Today I am blessed, and I do live the true and ever eluding fairytale that so many lil girls dream about. I have an amazing prince and my very own castle. My chariot has everything on my wish list and then some.

Each day is an adventure, a creation, a new beginning and an opportunity.

Although I didn’t start with the fairy tale, thank goodness, (I might have really been a brat) but from my vantage point today it sure feels like one. I’m certain that when it ends some others will also see it as one.

So here’s to life, love, happiness and fairytales. May you live your every dream, what ever they may be. May happiness encompass you and may love infuse your very soul…

Truly living the dream…

Wizard Wisdom 101