The Scenario

Here’s the scenario:

It’s a busy week, like always life is happening. Your schedule is full, as always.

Be honest with yourself…

*Your friend calls out of the blue and asks you to go to lunch on a specific day and time, it’s a busy day.

1. Do you adjust your schedule and go enjoy lunch with your friend?

2. Do you apologize and say you’ll make a plan on another day?

Scenery is the same, same friend

*Your friends family calls and tells you that the same friend died suddenly and the funeral is scheduled this week for a specific day and time.

1. Do you adjust your schedule and make it to the funeral?

2. Do you apologize and know that you will never see your friend again?

Now be honest with yourself, would you have made time for the lunch?? How important is it really?

Life is short – make the lunch date!

Wizard Wisdom 101



True Magic

The eyes of a child when they see Santa really did come, the feeling a father gets as he holds his daughter for the first time, the squeal a new mom let’s out when she loses that last 5 pounds, the silent joy a parent gets when their child finally overcomes that personal struggle, being given the keys to your new home, the glisten in his eye as he rolls over and looks at his sleeping wife and knows that he loves her more after 50 years than he did the day he married her. This is magic that even a wonna be Wizard can never recreate!

Wizard Wisdom 101



When you reach your limit and the plate, your bowl and your cup are all full, they’re full.

There’s no need to keep adding – we can only handle so much at a time, the rest just makes a mess.

Know your limits, don’t let others push them. Guard your mind and your heart, they too have limits.

Wizard Wisdom 101



Time like water can not be held within your hands. You can’t save it up, you can’t get it back and you can’t repeat it – you get one shot at each moment you have been given – Make it count….

Wizard Wisdom 101


Curve Balls

Sometimes life throws us curve balls and we don’t have a mitt. Punches are thrown and we didn’t even know we were in the ring. Words are said and no one thought we could hear. Eyes are rolled and no one thought we could see.

Life is tough, people are mean, and that will never change. We can become products of our environment or we can rise above it. We can duck the curve and turn the other cheek. We can place our fingers into our ears and even close our eyes. Yes, it’s tough to forget the bruises, un-hear the words and un-see the truth in their eyes.

Time can teach us to smile through the pain, to swallow our own pride and to walk upright. A mouse of a man that carries no dignity of their own shall not impede upon mine.

Find strength in what you know is true and just. Always be prepared for the curve balls in the game of life. Know that life is truly lived in the ring. People speak about others what they truly believe about them selves and they begin to roll their eyes when they can no longer stand the disdain of their own image.

This life sometimes seems long, it’s not. At times life is hard, it makes us stronger. People will hurt us, use that pain to teach others compassion. Never become what has been done to you.

It’s not about you anyway……

Wizard Wisdom 101


As A Parent

There are some things in life, when you’re a parent, that never get any easier, and never change. Each child will suffer their own struggles, know more than you, and then remind you – that they know more than you. They will make you wonder if you did any thing right, challenge all that you know is right, and never understand that it really IS in their best interest. Every thing you said you would, or would not do when you had children will change. You will become your mother and/or father, you will loose your cool and at some point you will be brought to tears. When you think you’ve arrived and they move out, the challenges change, but you will repeat the above on a new level. When each of those children are old enough to have their own children at the same stage, then and only then, will they truly understand and appreciate all of those struggles they went through as a child, and that you suffered as a parent……

Wizard Wisdom 101