Do It Today 

​So many people I know say they have outlived what they ever believed they would, yet in the end death comes when we least expect it.

Do something you love. Spend time with those that matter.  Time goes way faster than we mean for it to, make it count. 

Stop, even when you don’t have time, to listen to your child, those lost moments are their painful memories.  

Love passionately, close your eyes when you kiss, take a moment and enjoy that hug – it matters.  

Hold hands and tell silly stories.  Giggle late in the night with your friends, when you really should be sleeping.

Finish that impossible puzzle. Memorize your Mom’s phone number and write your passwords down.  

Have compassion for those who have forgotten what hope looks like.  Be ever so gentle with the quiet souls that fear life. 

Dance in the rain as an adult, jump in a mud puddle fully dressed.  Have a water ballon fight and blow bubbles.

Write and color. Play hopscotch with a lil girl who’s never played.  Jump on the trampoline, even if you pee your pants.

Find a big hill and climb to the top.  Go on that rafting adventure you’ve always dreamt of.

Tomorrow is a borrowed dream.  Today is yours, today you can – do it today.

Wizard Wisdom 101

Let The Battle Go

​The biggest battle we fight sits right between our ears – the rest is easy.  

Make peace with the demons, silence the roar, make yourself happy, spend quality time with those you love and when what ever you’re doing is not longer fun or healthily change it.  

Living with no regrets means being willing to make tough decisions, walk through some pain, occasionally share others sufferings and trusting yourself enough to follow your gut.  

Everything has a season in life.  We can force things to grow out of season but rarely will they flourish.  When the season ends let it. 

Move forward.  Please yourself, take care of your own and make the time to spend with those that matter – it will never make itself!

Life is shorter than we expect, some things we take for granted and can never be retrieved.  

Let the battle go and enjoy life!

Wizard Wisdom 101

The Power

​The ocean is the most powerful place on earth.  It’s roar can soothe a screaming soul.  The endless sand can absorb the pain of a thousand days, and for each lost dream there is a shell.  
My hiding place, though I seldom arrive, is the ocean.  My husband knows that I find solitude, peace and raw energy standing next to her mighty waves.  We all know that life doesn’t always allow us to run to that one safe place, our base, so he brought it to me.  
If I close my eyes, hush my mind, and focus my ears I can hear her mighty roar – and never leave my porch.  
Thank you to the love of my life, my best friend for bringing to me what I couldn’t summon for myself, even in a dream..

Wizard Wisdom 101

Some Days

​Some days my mind races so fast that a world class sprinter could never catch it.  Other days my thoughts are deep enough to reach the ocean floor.  
Thoughts fall upon other thoughts creating a mound, a huge pile, of what would appear as rubble to others, for me its who and what I am, my core.  
You see thoughts are what create action, and action is what defines us to the world.  I wish I could say I dont care what the world thinks but it would be a lie.  I don’t want to care, but somewhere inside there’s that twinge when diapproavel comes.  That rush of excitement when someone stands in my corner and cheers.  The feeling of satisfaction when I see one of my own clear a hurdle, that look of accomplishment when they succeed is priceless – that reaches my very soul. 
Thoughts are boundless and never ending – protect them.
Wizard Wisdom 101

Snake Pit

I learned a long time ago if you work/play in a snake pit long enough you be bitten. 

Snakes are tricky animals, one mistake can end your life.  The beauty of it all is if you know you’re working/playing in a snake pit you do a few things to protect yourself in the event that today is that faitful day. 

I knew where I was and prepared myself.  Only thing I forgot to protect was my heart, and it hurts.    Never get attached to snakes.  They bite.

The Wizard 

One Headlight

As I rode in silence with only the sound of the wind creating a quiet hush in my ears.

Surrounded by wilderness following an unknown road with only one beam of light to guide my way.  A few stars shown in the sky, the rest  of the world enveloped in blackness. 

Winding and curving, feeling totally alone, slightly afraid.  The air is cool, the bugs are abundunt, the hush of silence is becoming louder with speed.

One road meets another and home is suddenly closer.  This path is familiar, the curves have straightened and speed has found the tires. 

Light showing here and there, lighting the final miles.  Home is on the horizon.

Victory comes in many forms – some more simple than others.

The Wizard


Lost and lonely, shattered and torn, ripped from the fiber of your very core.  Holding on to the torn and tattered shreds of love and friendship, clinging to the hope of tomorrow.

Wilting in the bright sun while fading behind the breeze. Begging for a cool drink before you hit your knees. 

Tomorrow they promised would bring
brighter days, more laughter and less tears.  Tomorrow is not ours, it is forever beyond our reach. 

Today remains – lost, lonely, shattered and torn, betrayed. 

Wizard Wisdom 101