Sometimes people do silly things that ultimately make your life easier. Let them.

Wizard Wisdom 101




When life takes the wind from your sails, and you’re just too tired to row maybe it’s time to get out of the boat….

Wizard Wisdom 101


2016 My Truths

*Be mindful when you toss your wishes upon the universe.
*Care for yourself first.
*Believe what people show you, it is their true self.
*Lil children make the world go around, and create laughter where only tears live.
*Forgiveness is self healing.
*Things and people change, let them go when it’s time.
*You can plant a garden yet, even with the utmost love and care, some flowers will never bloom, and some will emerge as weeds. Remove the weeds, no matter what you hoped they would become.
*Some things should be kept separate, at all costs. If not, it could cost you your all.
*Be kind to you.
*Chase your dreams at 100 mph.
*Do what heals your soul.
*Know when it’s time to move on, follow through.
*Go where your soul is free – often!
*Some pain lingers for a reason.
*Share when the universe nudges you, it’s worth it.
*Make new friends.
*Life is shorter than we plan, and nothing except death is promised. Live life to the fullest – you only get one.
*Appreciate your health, your limbs and your eyesight, appreciate that your heart and lungs work on their own. Remember that your legs walk without being asked. Things can change in an instant.
*Be kind to you.
*Love yourself unconditionally.

Remember that most of the stuff going on around you has nothing to do with you, even though if feels like it does, it doesn’t. We all have our own lessons to learn and our own burdens to carry. I hope that my burdens are light enough that I might help you with yours, but enough to keep me humble. May tomorrow be brighter than my darkened yesterday’s and may the world find a gentle nurturing love that makes them whole.

Good bye 2016, thank you for the many very painful lessons and the growth they continue to allow. Hello 2017 – get ready – I’m coming ready red hot and on fire!!

Wizard Wisdom 101



I watch little to no TV and even less news, but some of it can’t be avoided. This is where my mind goes when I hear of people pulling guns and others getting in an uproar when that person gets shot and dies.

I grew up with big brothers, a big sister and eventually little brothers. I learned very quickly that if you started something you better have your big girl panties on ’cause someone else just might finish it for you. I knew that if I threw a punch I better have both feet planted rock solid – it was coming back. Boys don’t hit girls (unless they’re sisters), and yes sisters fight with fists also.

I also grew up helping raise and butcher some of the food we ate. I knew that if we wanted eggs we went to the chicken coop, gathered eggs, cleaned them and brought them in to cook. If we were having chicken for dinner we might be butchering it that afternoon. The pork in the freezer was from the hogs I helped feed out and butcher right there at the house.

I learned very early that the people you like the most will probably kick your butt if you start something, so be mindful before you start something with with a stranger.

Somewhere inside I truly believe that if every child was given the opportunity to raise a chicken from its hatching, to full growth, or any animal and then help butcher and prepare it for his own dinner they might think twice before killing their neighbor.

Never strike another unless you can withstand a bigger badder blow, and keep you gun in your pocket if you don’t plan to get shot, and aren’t prepared to die.

Wizard Wisdom 101 – it’s basics people…