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The Final Word

Death – the final goodbye, the end as we know it, the last leg of the current journey.  How do we say goodbye, or do we say – until we meet again.  Should we mourn or should we celebrate.  Can we grieve, while we embrace the memories.

Death is the last word of the last sentence in the last paragraph on the last page.  Did you say all that you wanted to say, do all that you wanted to do.  Did you live your bucket list.  Did you chase your dreams, and fulfill your fantasies.  Did you let your inner child be all that they could be.

If you are reading my blog, you have not yet encountered death – but inevitably you will.  How will your check list look when you’re on the last word, of the last sentence, in the last paragraph of your last page?

The Wizard


Eagles Soar Alone

There are days that I wonder if it is easier to soar alone as an eagle or be in company and fly with buzzards.   It sometimes seems these are the only two choices we have…..

Words of the Wizard….

Our hands do tell our secrets to all who choose to hear.

They tell if we are young or old and even tell our fear.

They tell if we work in the garden and even in the garage.

Each crease and indentation, every bump and every spot, all hold the timeless tales that we learned or we taught.

Some are soft and others hard as stone.

Some hands hold our children, some hold only pain.

Look upon the hands of a person that you know, and please don’t act surprised when you listen to the truths that their hands will surely bestow.

The Wizard


The Power of Orange

An orange fire is on the horizon.  As the sun peaks out from the night, shimmering with the power of today and giving the hope of tomorrow.  Shining brilliantly before of our sleepy eyes is strength, hope, and beauty.  The immense power to light the world’s sky, yet so subtle it gently wakes the birds and inspires their song of love.  Embrace the power that emerges as fire, and silently slides beneath the hills to play hide and seek with the moon.  Tomorrow it’s very essence will once again remind us of the power of orange.

The Wizard

I have always t…

I have always thought I was a little different from most of the people I knew, I never understood why they “didn’t get me”.  When nervous, I ramble without direction, when excited I talk more than a school girl.  When quiet I’m listening to the screaming noise of so many feelings and thoughts that do not belong to me.

I have searched for answers to my silly quirks.  I have tried to soften my, not so subtle, bluntness.  I have tried for years to fix me, though I’m not really sure why – I kind of like me.

I am who I am and although many don’t get it, some don’t believe it and most don’t know, I still am who I am.  I have come to realize that I can feel many people’s emotions that are standing close to me. The smile they plaster on does not hide the disdain they feel in their inner core.  Maybe it works for the rest of the world, but to me it’s just a mask to hide what they really feel.

All of the things many wish they knew how to share, all of the things some so desire to hide, those raw emotions just below the surface, the questions that tickles the brain – they are all screaming at me.  I often feel your hurt, your anger, your hate, and your love.  I sense when you lie, I feel your thoughts.  I know the newly pregnant woman, the pain in an unhappy marriage, the magic of many years and real trust. I look into your eyes and know if you smile for the world, or if your soul is smiling.

It has taken a lot of years to be still enough to listen through the noise and find my own truths.  As age has brought a touch of wisdom, an ounce of grace, and some life experience I have indeed found me.  The good, the bad and the ugly.

Thus my journey continues forward, even amongst the noise and emotions of many.

The Wizard Rests…..

The Steps To My Heart

The reason I live, what I would die for, my strength, my greatest weakness, the reason I can laugh, the reason I somtimes cry, the reason I dream, the reason I stay awake when I should be dreaming, my everything.