Behind the Mask of the Mime


Once every 365 days we are allowed by society to dress up and be anyone or thing we want to. This one day we participate, without reproach from others, we live dreams and/or fantasies publicly.

What drives the mask we choose or lack there of? Is it what our inner child missed, what our inner self sees us as? Does it define what we want to be or go back to? Is it hidden fantasy, missed childhood, or just a cool costume?

Today as I looked in the mirror and staring back at me was a mime.

Mimes are to be seen and not heard, unnoticed by many. Anytime I’ve watched a mime, I’ve noticed almost all children will work very hard to get the mime to speak – although they care not what the mime has to say.

Once again I ponder my earlier thoughts – why a mime? I often feel like I’m seen and not heard, sometime blending in and not even being noticed.

If I went silent I wonder what the response would be. Would they become like small children begging to know what I’m thinking. Trying to find the answers hidden behind the white mask?

Maybe I need to change my approach.

…The Wizard Wonders….


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