*Accepting Ourselves*

I have no idea what you are struggling with, my guess is life. I can assure you that no matter what your delima, you are not the first nor the last to trudge through this. I have seen and walked through some things that I was certain would kill me, cause my heart to explode from the pain, or land me in a mental ward – none of those things happened, maybe the last should have, but it didn’t.

I had no idea why I was struggling so much, and why I couldn’t get it right – eventually after a lot of trial, error, tears, cussing, cursing, swearing, raising kids alone, not raising kids alone, I have learned to love me – even with all of my faults – I just had to accept me- every day is not roses and champagne, but I’m happy. I have what and who I need in my life, I am blessed.  When I truly learned to love me, others did the same.

Always know that no matter what it is – no matter what – others have walked before you to stomp down some of the weeds you will encounter along the way to ease your path a bit.  Keep your eyes wide open, head held high, forever moving forward – to stop is to stagnant. 

Only the movers and shakers finish the race, all others crumble beneath the stampede to become speed bumbs slowing the speed of the movers and shakers!  You must be a mover and a shaker! We sometimes struggle and even feel defeat, it allows us to accept and appreciate all of our blessings,and the many things we take for granted.

 Most importantly be kind to you….


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