Stroke Of Midnight

As 2012 began to close its eyes I was exactly where I wanted and needed to be.  I perched quietly on my bed, snuggled in my pj’s, with my favorite blanket, reading a new book. The mesmerizing sounds of muffled children’s laughter floated down the stairs mixing with the roar of my restless lovers sawing snores creating rhythmic music to which my heart beats.  While reading my mind floated in and out the story and reminisced through the passing year. 

As the new year opened her eyes I felt blessed to be allowed me to wish my lifelong friend a happy new year, hug and kiss the children that had created the muffled laughter and to gently stroke my husbands smooth bald head while whispering sweet nothings of the new year softly into his sleepy ear. 

My mind traveled through the past twelve months, so many memories, lives begun, and lives ended.  There is beauty in the gift of reminiscing in the quiet wee morning hours when the world is so still, no demands, no interruptions, just precious stillness.

Goodbye to 2012, hello and welcome to 2013.  Hello to new ideas, new beginnings, and fresh starts.  Hello to new resolutions that we will chase and maintain for now, only to walk away from and ultimately forget until it is time to do it again next year. 

Wizard Wisdom 101




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