Fear Has Consumed Me

My breath catches somewhere in my throat, as my heart races way too fast.  Silent tears spill, one after the other, down my face, followed by my muffled sobbs.  I am torn and shattered, lost and confused. 

You see today I put on my makeup, borrowed a smile from the past, and faced the world as if – as if yesterday had been different.  Yet tonight as I face the silent darkness my fears are once again alive. 

My reality is bleak and motionless in this moment.  The only movement is from the steady river streaming down my face. 

Yesterday I was relieved of my job of almost five years.  With no write-ups or formal inquires I am still frozen in fear and disbelief. 

Tomorrow I shall hold my head high, once again with a borrowed smile and a pretend phasad. 

I seek strength for the unknown – enough for one more day and the peace to make it through. 

Serenity I seek…..

Wizard Lacking Wisdom 001


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