The Demon Within

My whole life has been a search for personal value. The desire to be good enough, maybe to just belong, or was it to just fit in. Forever seeking outside approval – It does not reside within.

Everything feels so intense within the mind where the demon resides. The one that says its not good enough, you are not good enough, it is never going be good enough.

When you give your all and then pull a little more from your soul to give, only to hear the demon scream FAILURE – knees buckle, eyes cloud, heart sinks. Sleepless nights follow.

Reality never plays a role in the demons place. So many successes, no true failures – just room to grow, opportunities to expand. Some lessons to be learned.

Silence the demon, just for tonight. My body is weary, my mind is weak, silence the demon, find some sleep.

Lock the demon back within the cage, silence the failure, slow the rage.

Strength is hidden deep inside. Renew the spirit, that comforts the soul and will allow the body to rest.

Go to sleep demon, leave me alone – my day is done I’m finally home.

The Wizard


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