Chase Your Rainbow

You are running across a beautiful green field, with the love of your life. Before you is a bright and brilliant rainbow, you can see the end, there must be a pot of gold. Run, run, chase the dream no matter who doubts the gold, chase the dream.

As you’re running you step into a fresh cow patty, but the rainbow and the gold are still before you. You shake that foot, wipe it in the grass, and laugh before you take of again in a full sprint toward the gold.

Such is life.

Are you chasing a dream, is your rainbow and gold in sight? Never stop running. Even when you run into crap you didn’t expect, shake it off, wipe the remnants and keep running. A pile of crap will only stop you if you chose to lay down and woller in it, don’t.

Keep running my friend chase that dream. Find your pot of gold. You have what it takes, Chase Your Rainbow!

Wizard Wisdom 101


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