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Let The Battle Go

​The biggest battle we fight sits right between our ears – the rest is easy.  

Make peace with the demons, silence the roar, make yourself happy, spend quality time with those you love and when what ever you’re doing is not longer fun or healthily change it.  

Living with no regrets means being willing to make tough decisions, walk through some pain, occasionally share others sufferings and trusting yourself enough to follow your gut.  

Everything has a season in life.  We can force things to grow out of season but rarely will they flourish.  When the season ends let it. 

Move forward.  Please yourself, take care of your own and make the time to spend with those that matter – it will never make itself!

Life is shorter than we expect, some things we take for granted and can never be retrieved.  

Let the battle go and enjoy life!

Wizard Wisdom 101


The Power

​The ocean is the most powerful place on earth.  It’s roar can soothe a screaming soul.  The endless sand can absorb the pain of a thousand days, and for each lost dream there is a shell.  
My hiding place, though I seldom arrive, is the ocean.  My husband knows that I find solitude, peace and raw energy standing next to her mighty waves.  We all know that life doesn’t always allow us to run to that one safe place, our base, so he brought it to me.  
If I close my eyes, hush my mind, and focus my ears I can hear her mighty roar – and never leave my porch.  
Thank you to the love of my life, my best friend for bringing to me what I couldn’t summon for myself, even in a dream..

Wizard Wisdom 101

Some Days

​Some days my mind races so fast that a world class sprinter could never catch it.  Other days my thoughts are deep enough to reach the ocean floor.  
Thoughts fall upon other thoughts creating a mound, a huge pile, of what would appear as rubble to others, for me its who and what I am, my core.  
You see thoughts are what create action, and action is what defines us to the world.  I wish I could say I dont care what the world thinks but it would be a lie.  I don’t want to care, but somewhere inside there’s that twinge when diapproavel comes.  That rush of excitement when someone stands in my corner and cheers.  The feeling of satisfaction when I see one of my own clear a hurdle, that look of accomplishment when they succeed is priceless – that reaches my very soul. 
Thoughts are boundless and never ending – protect them.
Wizard Wisdom 101