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Life’s Muck

​You’re standing knee deep in mud, there is solid ground all around you, but it’s just out of reach. 

Not sure how you got there, or why you’re there, and not sure how to get out.  It’s not horrible, but definately not pleasant.  

It’s not long before you realize life is still going on as if.  Yes, as if you weren’t knee deep in a mud hole.  

It seems no one has noticed, so why would they get you out.  With the solid ground still out of reach, and no one paying attention you continue to wallow around, sinking a bit deeper.  Still never asking for help – you’re sure you’ll figure it out.  After all you have rope in your pocket, if you only had something to anchor it to…

Days come and go the more you writhe in the muck, the more stuck you become.  No one has noticed so why should you ask them to help, they surely can see you’re knee deep.  

Your friend-

Here I am standing knee deep in a mud hole, land is near, but out of reach.  My friend is right there and they have a rope in their pocket, why dont they toss it to me and help me out of this hole, it’s  swallowing me? 

Moral of the story – 

At some point we’re all stuck with our own muck.  Never assume someone understands where you are.  If you need help sometimes you have to ask.  Sadly enough, many of us are standing knee deep in our own muck for a very long time.  Its tough to help someone when you can’t see your plight much less theirs…

Wizard Wisdom 101, 8/27/2015


Do It Today 

​So many people I know say they have outlived what they ever believed they would, yet in the end death comes when we least expect it.

Do something you love. Spend time with those that matter.  Time goes way faster than we mean for it to, make it count. 

Stop, even when you don’t have time, to listen to your child, those lost moments are their painful memories.  

Love passionately, close your eyes when you kiss, take a moment and enjoy that hug – it matters.  

Hold hands and tell silly stories.  Giggle late in the night with your friends, when you really should be sleeping.

Finish that impossible puzzle. Memorize your Mom’s phone number and write your passwords down.  

Have compassion for those who have forgotten what hope looks like.  Be ever so gentle with the quiet souls that fear life. 

Dance in the rain as an adult, jump in a mud puddle fully dressed.  Have a water ballon fight and blow bubbles.

Write and color. Play hopscotch with a lil girl who’s never played.  Jump on the trampoline, even if you pee your pants.

Find a big hill and climb to the top.  Go on that rafting adventure you’ve always dreamt of.

Tomorrow is a borrowed dream.  Today is yours, today you can – do it today.

Wizard Wisdom 101