The Strength Of A Single Rose

​Good morning my beautiful flower.  The sun is up and I know your petals are beginning to open.  It’s a bit cool and I’m sure you’ve asked yourself if you have the strength to bloom again, just one more time. 
It is almost winter and you bloomed so many times through much adversity.  If you question your strength and will power, look beside you. See there beautiful Rose, that lil tiny bud that is begining to blossom, that is your legacy. The tiny blossom must see you open your petals and shine one more time, over and over.   Even when you don’t want to or think you can, because beautiful Rose – you can.  It is in your genetics, bloom where you are planted,  open you petals, and absorb God’s grace and sunshine. 
Shine today, tomorrow and the next, for you are a beautiful Rose.  You bring joy to all who know you.  
Your beauty is seen through so many, your seed spread far and near.  For you my friend are true flower bringing joy and cheer.  
Thank you for bringing color into my dark and  gloom – you, one single Rose – brightened what felt like doom.   
Bloom Rose bloom.  
Wizard Wisdom 101

*You’ve got this*


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