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Somewhere between the dark and the light, between sleep and awake the mind wanders.  
Images are more vivad, dreams have more color and words flow through the mind like a writer.  
The time when there is no sleep and no wake, it is no longer night and morning has yet to kiss you awake – the hour of the moon. 
Visions bring change, dreams recreate hope and love is reborn.  The hour of the unknown.  The time most have forgotten. 
The trees are still, the moon is high, and the sun, it must be sleeping.  The sound is only of the breeze and a million silent thoughts.  
Time stands still for noone – unless it’s between the dark and light, not morning and not night. 
Wizard Wisdom 101




My sister mentioned our inner child – mine wants to come out and play.  

I want to stand next to the parade route and shout for candy, toss my hands in the air and break into spontaneous dancing for no reason at all, I  want to find the best rope swing in the area, go have ice cream breakfast, laugh out loud no matter where I am.  I want to sleep in on Monday and get up early on Saturday to watch cartoons.  I want to play twister after lunch, and kick the can after dark.  I want to wear cowboy boots with shorts, dye my hair a crazy color, and wear a bikini to town.  I want to get up early with my brothers and sister to peak at what the bearded wonder left.  I want to go back to a time when I believed everyone I loved lived forever, and 40 was old.  I want to dream big, play hard, ride motorcycles, move my furniture because it seems right.  Have the whole neighborhood over for moms homemade pizza, and drink orange pop.  I want to Christmas carol with my cousins, and I want to fly in my dreams….. 

Oh to return to a time when the most important decision I made was how long to be mad at my mom for telling me no…. 

Thanks Cassie for reminding my inner child of a time when life was a touch simpler…

Before Wizard Wisdom 3-11-12

Check Your Why

Sometimes in life we work very hard to be or do something.  We will often chase that something to the ends of the earth.  Given a good enough reason we will do most anything to make it happen.  

When you wake up and discover that the reason you did all those things has changed and you no longer need to make it happen, the desire fades. 

We often have to check our why, renew ourselves and refresh our purpose.  Do something that matters to you and chase the dreams that make your heart soar.   Life is short. Things and reasons change, be flexible and give yourself a break once in a while – you’ve earned it.

Wizard Wisdom 101



When the days fade into weeks, weeks become months, and months turn into years.  Years, months, weeks, and days become a mass of scattered time and memories. They are no longer sorted in an orderly fashion.  Yesterday and last week look so much a like.  
The memories no longer stack upon on a time line.  They’re now floaters in an empty calendar of our lives.  
When do we become old?  When does it happen.  Was it so gradual that we didn’t notice, or did it happen over night – I do not find these changes on my time line of life…

Wizard Wisdom 101