My sister mentioned our inner child – mine wants to come out and play.  

I want to stand next to the parade route and shout for candy, toss my hands in the air and break into spontaneous dancing for no reason at all, I  want to find the best rope swing in the area, go have ice cream breakfast, laugh out loud no matter where I am.  I want to sleep in on Monday and get up early on Saturday to watch cartoons.  I want to play twister after lunch, and kick the can after dark.  I want to wear cowboy boots with shorts, dye my hair a crazy color, and wear a bikini to town.  I want to get up early with my brothers and sister to peak at what the bearded wonder left.  I want to go back to a time when I believed everyone I loved lived forever, and 40 was old.  I want to dream big, play hard, ride motorcycles, move my furniture because it seems right.  Have the whole neighborhood over for moms homemade pizza, and drink orange pop.  I want to Christmas carol with my cousins, and I want to fly in my dreams….. 

Oh to return to a time when the most important decision I made was how long to be mad at my mom for telling me no…. 

Thanks Cassie for reminding my inner child of a time when life was a touch simpler…

Before Wizard Wisdom 3-11-12


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