My Momma 5/11/14

As I was thinking about mothers day and what its really about for me there was a sudden rush of still photos projected within my mind.  

I was taken back to being a small child and having a mother that let me ride my bike through puddles right after the rain, the same one that accepted my mud pies and pretended to enjoy them.  

The lady that I was sure was never hungry because she waited until we all had our fill before she would even make a plate. Yes the same superstar that would place a single chocolate in the window sill and nibble it for days, cherishing the delicacy that it was. 

The woman that walked more trials than most could survive, the godess that not once did I ever hear complain about her lot in life.  The one that stuck with her decisions through the good and the bad.

The selfless one that has taken in mere strangers because they had no where to go.  Not only took them in but welcomed them as her own.  

The same person that I once believed to be mean – I now know taught me my morals, enstilled wisdom beyond my years, and nurtured a gentle spirit within my very soul.  She taught me that love endures all things, strength comes in many forms, and although she spent years trying to get me to be quiet,  she also taught me that silence is sometimes a much needed lesson. 

This amazing person showed me the power of endurance, taught me to listen to that small still voice, watched as I made mistakes, I needed to make and then helped me clean up the aftermath. 

She sometimes pretended not to notice things that I know she saw and heard.  She has the grace of an angel, the strength of an Olympian, the wisdom of an elder, the patience of the Lord and yes she hits like a mule kicks.

I am proud to call this pillar of strength my momma.  I hope that someday I can instill half of what she gave me to my own children.  

Thank you for who and what you are, for hanging on when many would have let go, for your guidance and your silence, both when needed.  Thank you for your wisdom and your love.  Thank you for not only being my mom but as an adult also being my friend.  Words can never express how much each moment has meant and still means.  

I love you more than my words can ever express – Happy Mothers Day Momma!

Wizard Wisdom 101


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