Some days my mind races so fast that a world class sprinter could never catch it.  Other days my thoughts are deep enough to reach the ocean floor.  

Thoughts fall upon other thoughts creating a mound, a huge pile, of what would appear as rubble to others, for me its who and what I am, my core.  

You see thoughts are what create action, and action is what defines us to the world.  I wish I could say I dont care what the world thinks but it would be a lie.  I don’t want to care, but somewhere inside there’s that twinge when diappapproval comes.  That rush of excitement when someone stands in my corner and cheers.  The feeling of satisfaction when I see one of my own clear a hurdle, that look of accomplishment when they succeed is priceless – that reaches my very soul. 

Thoughts are boundless and never ending – protect them.

Wizard Wisdom 101



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