Give Yourself A Break

There are some things that never cease to amaze me.  Then there are others that should just be accepted as truth..

Humans will continue to be humans.  You cant fix stupid no matter how many times or ways you try.  Preconcieved notions are seldom altered.  Some core beliefs are ingrained so deep that no amount of evidence that the belief is wrong will ever change it.  We only recognize fault in others that we see or have seen in ourselves.  Things that gouge our soul when we are young create the bounderies that we remain within when we are old.  Fear is a learned behavior.  Not everything is as it seems.  If we all treated each other like we would treat our grandma the world would be a gentler place.  We can not make others feel anything – they do that to themselves.  

If you feel the need to judge others at least get to know them first.  Humans, like camelions, learn to blend into their surroundings and the expectations of others.  Being who others expect is easier than trying to get a buy in.  

Give yourself a break – the rest of the world might not be so kind.

Wizard Wisdom 101



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