True Success 

When my kids come over I always watch, its a momma’s job. Dustun’s eyes light up as he watches his son, reminding me of my greatest desire, since I was young.

As I watch Dyllan’s gypsy spirit take him where his heart leads, and I’m sure I’ve witnessed his soul smile, it reminds me to chase those crazy dreams, it’s what really keeps us alive.

Every morning I am rejuvenating by breakfast with Haile, it reminds me that in the big scheme of things, it’s the little things, like breakfast with a princess, that matter most.

At night when the day is about to close, Ashur is close to ensure his momma’s neck has been squeezed and technology has not beaten me.

All the while, there beside me, stood a rock. I leaned on him, I napped and wept on him, he held me up and kept me safe. My rock is ever stable.

There was a time when I equated success with position, pay, and corporate respect. I have taken a step back to view life from a different angle.

Today I thank God for the view through my kids eyes while sitting next to my rock. I have found true success.

Wizard Wisdom 101



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