What Matters Most

I ran across this in my fb feed and it really made me think…
These 2 really do light up my world.  When you have 4 kids you spend your days and nights trying so hard to get it right.  You work especially hard with the 1st one and then with the 2nd it’s a lil easier, but you don’t let loose of your grip of doing it right.

At this point, we’re almost at the end of getting the last 2 raised.  It has become a game of just enjoying them, watching them become their own people and trying to steer them in the right direction.  I can’t tell you if holding the reins tight verses allowing them to be real goof balls is better or worse.  I can tell you that as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned that some things, that I was sure were life and death 20 years ago, don’t make one bit of difference.  

All of my children have been accused of talking too much,  been praised for their manners by others, and every one of them have made me laugh and all have made me cry.  I love them all beyond words.  

So when the 2 older kids ask why the younger 2 have it so easy and are brats, I guess I can just say that with each of them I’ve grown, learned and I’ve begun to realize what really matters most.  

Love them, teach them to love themselves and others.  Teach them who God is and show them the way to his house.  After you’ve done the important stuff – slow down and play with them, time really is short.  Take a lot of pics, the moments like this one will slip from your mind and never ever be captured again.  As we get older and we turn our silliness off, we can become a bit rigid, capture their silliness now.  

Love them – that’s really all that matters!!

Wizard Wisdom 101



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