Life Is Relative

Do you ever have a day that feels like you’re part of a bowling alley?? 

Some days you’re the ball – shiny and pretty – you’re actions could make someone famous.  

Other days your the pins , taking some serious hits, maybe feeling a lil wobbly but still potentially – even if you get knocked down the crowd will be in a hushed awe.  

Then there are those days when your the mud rug at the front door, on contractors league night, during torrential downpours with a dirt parking lot.  You’re being stepped on and stomped, mud is being slung and smeared. 

Even then my friends you’re important and you are helping make someone else happy, even when you don’t know it. The guy that cleans up later, the guy paying for that clean up, maybe the kids sitting playing in the floor.

Life is relative – find your purpose and shine. 

Wizard Wisdom 101



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