Be The Wizard

There are many theories on the Wizard of Oz and it’s meanings and what’s behind it all. I love this movie. When I think about it, it’s not so complicated.

I see a young lady that’s having a real bad day, (she’s probably hormonal), and like many young ladies she over exaggerates her day in her mind and then falls asleep. Her bad day, becomes a bad dream, a fantasy.

A fantasy of over exaggerated notions turned into dream reality. It’s a story of a girl and the happenstance friends she meets along this journey. Those friends are each in need something, things that each of us have struggled with at least once. Who hasn’t felt dumb, unloved, scared and lost?

Separately they are all broken and lost, just like many of us. Together they form a bond, they become a team. A team of misfits. A team that together could do anything. They could travel through unknown lands and make it an adventure. As long as they were together, they are invincible. Even evil could not defeat them.

There’s a good witch and a bad witch, we all have a lil good and evil in our lives. They were told to follow the path laid before them, weren’t we all at some point?

My favorite part is when they go to see the all mighty Wizard, for a brain, a heart, some courage, and a way to get home. This long scary journey to be granted the basic necessities of life, by a big, bad, scary wizard.

The truth is that he is little man with a booming voice, standing on a bucket. He is hidden by a cloak and has no power at all. He has only given them the belief in what was already within themselves. He granted their wishes simply by giving them permission to believe that one was smart, one could love, one was brave and that home is truly in your heart.

We must believe in ourselves, and sometimes it takes someone hidden behind a cloak and a booming voice to help us see what is already there. When Dorothy woke from her dream, her perspective had shifted and the world was once again right.

Who is on your team, following the same path to achieve their dreams? It doesn’t matter what each team member is lacking, what matters is what the team brings as a whole. Together you can accomplish anything, yes you can even defeat flying monkeys!!

Wizard Wisdom 101



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