The Wizard and The Warrior

Once in a while in the chaos of life a fairy tale happens.

Brad meandered into my life in late January, 2007. He was big, bold and blue eyed. He had arms as big as my head and a gentle smile. His words were few, but when he looked into my eyes his gaze was forever. We began to dream and to plan, maybe that day, and the next and the one after that, about everything!! We didn’t bother with telling the traditional people – like our parents or our kids, but on Friday the 13th, we said I do.

When this man walked into my world the noise went silent and the music began to play. My once dreams are now my reality.

He has held my hand and my heart when both were weak, sharing his strength until I found my own.

We laugh together, we have cried together, we dream together and we might even have a plan. Tomorrow is always on our horizon and the next big adventure is always underway.

I look forward to our tomorrow’s and love to reminisce about our yesterday’s. Every little girl deserves a knight in shining armour, even it takes almost 40 years to find him.

I feel blessed to have found mine and to be living my very own fairy tale. Happy Anniversary Poppy, I love you!

The Wizard and The Warrior find love…



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