I have crash landed, as I sometimes do, here amongst a world of writers, hoping to blend into the rhythm and color that paints the world of so many.  I have written my whole life, yet I’ve always hidden my work, for fear of ridicule and laughter.  I now cloak myself as the Wizard, and find in my real world if I have something noteworthy to share it is posted as Wizard Wisdom 101.

I have discovered that when people read things posted by a stranger there is no judgement attached, they like it or they don’t – it’s just that simple.  There are no preconceived notions to whom it refers or where there thoughts must have momentarily been.

I love the Wizard of Oz!  The Wizard was sought by many, real and imagined, for his perceived power and the gifts he could bestow – the one’s that we are afraid to find and/or to see within our selves.  I am often reminded of the little fat man, standing on a bucket speaking into a booming megaphone.  Just a little man with a big heart that learned how to share his wisdom.  As he hid behind the curtain he was exactly who and what each of his visitors needed.  If he had been just a little fat man on the street offering his advise no one would have even stopped to listen, but behind the cloak of the Wizard he was the mighty and powerful master of Oz.

I have nothing to hide and have never needed a mega phone, but I do find all of the gifts the Wizard had to offer when I borrow his cloak.  If only I could find the yellow brick road, please join me on this journey, as I’m off to be the Wizard…………

The Wizard

aka: Callie


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