Night becomes day, dreams become smoke, peace is lost to reality.

Restless in reality…

Wizard Wisdom 101




Find strength in knowing your limits. Find peace in reaching them. Find hope in accepting them. Find rest in turning it over.

Wizard Wisdom 101


We Smile

Some days are heavy and we smile. Some days are sad and we smile. Some days are painful and we smile. Some days are amazing and we smile.

Why do we smile, because we have a choice. Choose to smile. Fake it till you make if you must, but smile.

Life is not always daisy’s, sometimes it’s all about dandelions, smile anyway – even dandelions are the color of sunshine!

Wizard Wisdom 101


Borrowed Strength

Life has been very kind to me on this journey. Lending me courage when there was none, sending me strength when I had none, loaning me a friend when I couldn’t be one.

Life has walked me through lessons, taught me to enjoy the sun coming up and going down. I have learned to appreciate time and space.

Many people have come and gone, some left a mark in my history, others a memory in my mind and one or two even captured a piece of my soul.

I cherish what has brought me to this place. I am happy, peaceful and content. I have all that I need and my list of wants are short.

May time and space allow me to return the courage, strength and friendship that was leant to me when I had none of my own.

Wizard Wisdom 101


Put Your Ego In Your Pocket

Have you ever wanted just for 1 day to throw your hands in the air and say screw it, I’m done, I don’t want to play anymore – I’m giving up?

Have you ever wanted to treat people the way they treat you, so they could see that maybe, just maybe, it’s not always about them?

Have you ever wanted to open your soul so others could see what is really in there, so they could see that it not even close to what they perceive?

Have you ever wanted to just not show up mentally or physically, to not answer the phone, or the mail?

Have you ever wanted to cease to exist for only a moment so you could start over?

Have you ever just said to yourself, it’s 1 step forward and 2 back, so I’m not taking any more steps and I’ll never go back again?

If only we could just toss up our hands and our lives in the air – as if it would all come down in order like a finished puzzle already schelacked. A finished puzzle is pretty but with no work put into it, it’s just someone else’s art – pretty but not fulfilling.

We must walk our own walks, build our own lives and know that we all, every single person, at some point wants to throw their hands up and walk away from something.

Life gives us lessons, and challenges us to grow. Sometimes growth is painful. Put your hands down, slip your ego back into your pocket, dust off your pride and go ago.

Wizard Wisdom 101